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Rainbow Dash &amp;lt;3 Ice Cream Rainbow Dash <3 Ice Cream

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Didn't personally find it funny but hey - the animation was good. Interesting art style (my inner brony asks why there was no flying animation though) I get this feeling it doesn't fit the concept of the flash itself but then again maybe it does as it seems like it was supposed to throw people off (or bronies anyway). I'm not much of a brony anymore... or not AS much of one and I'll be honest I never really liked RD that much - always kinda thought of her as a bit egotistical but... this is pretty cold. As an animator you're pretty good (I lol'd at the patrick voice) but some part of me has this inkling feeling you made this purely for the reactions - just my guess - I don't really know though.

Super Mario bros Z ep 3 Super Mario bros Z ep 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Mecha sonic is awesome

But Yoshi is surprisingly durable - his shell is immune to bullets, he survived a shotgun blast to the face and managed to put mecha sonic in an egg... with out being torn apart from the inside out. For yoshi - that is awesome

as is this flash in general

Animation: Blades Animation: Blades

Rated 3 / 5 stars

this seems unfinished... almost looks experimental

This is way too short first of all.
this is good, but where it stops is almost like a teaser. Build onto this, make it something epic and memorable. don't get me wrong - this is epic but just too short... way to short
you did a great job animating the bits that are here - transitions are great, action is cool, but where it stops... its kinda like you just hit the pause button, which is gonna piss people off.
Also the "fin" in the corner - its gonna take 60% of the people that view this a minute to notice that (some may very well think their computer froze given how you made this). At least make it loop or something.

add on to this and - if you can - add some plot to it, then it will be something people will really like.

-Review Request Club-

Kwing responds:

Thank you for the input. I actually felt that this animation was plenty long, seeing as there are three characters and they aren't all necessarily on the same side of the screen, meaning you can rewatch it to try and notice certain things you might have missed earlier on. I agree that the end was sudden, but that was why I put in a finishing combo instead of just making a single finishing move or anything like that. The reason it ended so soon was mainly because I couldn't think of a way to save the red guy after he made the super slow uppercut, so I just had the blue guy polish him off.

I agree that these things work better with a good story, but I'm horrible with cinematics.

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Metroid Unleashed Engine Metroid Unleashed Engine

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

being a fan a metroid I just had to review this

I like the fact that you used a enemy from metroid prime 2 (Dark Metroid).
But the metroids don't actually do damage, also I find its incredibly hard to actually hit them. by the way it doesn't seem like your properly beta tested this because I see no way to get out of the area with the morph ball bomb upgrade. it looks their is suppose to be a way out but it doesn't work - fix that

DarkWalkerUnleashed responds:

As this is only an engine to test the codes for the game there is no exit. The bomb ball Upgrade is needed to enter in the Chozo Sanctuary that holds Power Grip. Ok...i didn't make the metroids to hurt yet because samus cannot realy be hurt so...i will finish the metroids Codes after finishing Samus's codes that will be at the end off all. By the way, can you help me with sounds or graphics ?

Hammerin' Harry Hammerin' Harry

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like it

The only problems I see are its a tad glitchy and lags a little. Other then that I see nothing else wrong with this.

Snailiad Snailiad

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well made.

Did a good job hiding the shells and hearts, I found all the hearts but I still can't find 2 shells, one of them is in Snail town (which by the way seems way to littered with secret passages for my taste), the other is in Lux Lirata (Black section of the map).
The terrain is very colorful and creative but a bit random, for instance, in Lux Lirata one minute your in the sky where there are clouds and the next your in space... in a what appears to be a space station.
Even though it is generic, I find that the way the bosses die is just awesome for NES style.
I feel like your put some thought and effort into positioning the enemies to increase the challenge, makes it hard to just whale through it all, at least until you get the better upgrades - in particular, the devastator.

In the boss rush, I don't see how the Space Box (Time Cube in boss rush) is much harder though he just seems a little faster but I'm not seeing any increase in a challenge, in fact it actually seemed a little easier to kill him. You could have given him higher endurance. The first two actually had features that made them harder in a way, the shell breaker (Super Shell Breaker in boss rush) had a ton of those circles acting like a shield against your attack, which sorta made it so you could only do serious damage when it was shooting at you because the circles disappear when it shoots.
For Stompy (Vise Vires in boss rush), not only are there more cannons shooting at you but the boss is also shooting you with those colorful ring blasts.
As for the Moon Snail (Sun Snail in boss rush) I'm not seeing any big difference in his first stage - he might be moving faster but I'm not sure, as for his second stage the changes I'm seeing aren't making him any harder to fight. But since he was a big challenge to begin with and your fighting him with only 5 hearts and a few less upgrades, I can see why you did little to change the fight against him.

The "super secret boomerang" - What so special about it? does it like super amplify the power of you boomerang or something? Also the way back out from the area where it is at, you need to kinda have to glitch jump. You can get out but you can't just slide along the wall and expect to slip through a secret passage

The music at the Shrine of Isis kinda sound like music you might find in a really old pokemon game (A "mysterious" area or something)
The main path to the are where the shrine is hidden (which by the way looks like a hacked NES level - what's up with that?) wasn't hard to find, but you could easily miss the way to actual shrine itself (I suppose THAT is the only real reason the area looks so weird then).

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The Hunt The Hunt

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Firstly, I don't think this should be labeled as ambient - sounds more like industrial to me. Has a very mechanized beat to it; repetitive and concrete - much like a machine yet later displays a more a subtle calmed tone as if a product of sorts has been made or a conclusion from events has been drawn. Still I think it's very interesting and I think it could be used to depict the concept of a hunt. The intro seems.... blunt though; too direct with percussion and could have had better transition but that's just what I think. It's your song. Anyway, It's pretty good. It's got a certain intensity to it's tune and I like it.

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Xeno Random 3 Xeno Random 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That's ashame

This could have been something epic and to know it won't be finished... hurts.

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KKS - Contact KKS - Contact

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very nice

I'm if-y about the beginning, the music is good, but what's throwing me off about it is the fuzzy echo at 0:00-0:50. How the track starts with it I just found bizarre. But where it is in the rest of the song, it seems fitting in the song, but I can understand how it fits with the story a little. I also find the part at 6:24 to the end confusing. It's good, but I'm not sure how exactly it fits with the story. But I'm not an expert on ambient music and don't have an in-depth sense to it so I suppose it only natural I can't see it. Still though I like how strenuous you've made it sound, it as if you can hear the caution being taken in the story.
The rest of the song is just beautiful and one of the most entrancing pieces of music I've ever heard, I just love that. And for the most part (in my opinion) it depicts the story flawlessly. Just listening to this makes me wonder if a day will ever come when humans do discover another inhabitable world like Earth, that would be a very exciting feet for mankind.

I wonder if this will ever get animated... that would be interesting to see.

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KKSlider60 responds:

It seems to me sometimes that some stories just beg to be animated in a near future. xD
Although I'm confused on what unsettled you at the beginning (either the white noise or the radio tuning noise), I respect your opinion and I'm grateful for your lengthy review. :D
Even if I think that the break right at the beginning of the last theme was needed in order to set another "dreamy" or "exotic" texture, I can understand if it sounds probably a bit rushed or unpolished.
Thanks again, buddy :)